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Pioneering cost-effective, resilient controlled-environment agriculture in arid regions

farm 32

farm-32 was founded to commercialize commodity horticulture in arid, sunny regions. We use industrially proven, well-established,horticultural and energy technologies to grow commodity leafy crops.

Our projects supply low-cost, quality produce, year-round. We use independent power, achieving complete independence from local electricity grids.

We use proprietary low-cost growing technology. We are the exclusive licensee of a unique yield enhancement technique, developed at Aberystwyth University in Wales.

Produce is grown pesticide free, with inherently high biosafety & quality. With planting and harvesting every day, we provide steady supply and employment through the year.

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CEA in Morocco


Khouribga Province in Morocco is a major agricultural region. It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of sesame and a range of other products. Transit time to major European markets is less than 35 hours.


Morocco benefits from tariff-free access to European agricultural markets. This is due to a series of agreements under the Barcelona Process since 2003. As a result, our herb crops will enter the EU tariff-free.

Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is a set of technologies that allows complete control of the growing environment. This includes temperature, light, humidity, nutrients, and atmosphere.


Because of this control & optimisation, exceptional yields can be achieved. Our system is expected to achieve in the region of 1000 tons / hectare / year. This is with low levels of fertilizer and almost no chemical pest management.

Source: NASA / farm-32


To date, CEA projects often struggle, for three key reasons. Power costs are often excessive. Air control is often under-specified, resulting in uncontrolled humidity. Urban conversions often give sub-optimal facility layouts.


Our system addresses these problems. We achieve exceptionally low power costs – at least 80% lower than European grid costs. This allows our project to benefit from the yield, quality and reliability advantages of CEA. Our air handling is based on specific crop research and proven AHU systems. Building the facility in a custom-assembled, low-cost frame allows maximum efficiency.


The result is a commodity horticultural system, able to compete with open-field and glasshouse production systems.



Our first project is a 3,000 ton herb production facility in the province of Khouribga, Morocco.


The facility will demonstrate our closed-loop, CO2-enriched, low-water-use and nil run-off technology.


Commercial sales will be via truck export to central Europe. First harvest is targeted for late 2025.

Our project is conveniently located for Casablanca, the capital Rabat, and the nearby regional cities Khouribga and Beni-Mellal. Its road connections to the rest of Morocco, via the A4, are excellent.


There are substantial arid zones in the region, highly suitable for farm-32.


We are currently in active discussion for our initial site which will be large enough for multiple facilities.

Project Overview


Video - Farm Externals

Video - Growing Stack Detail

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